Best Beignets in Kenner, LA

Plate of Hot Beignets

N’awlins is known for having the best beignets around, but you don’t have to enter the Big Easy’s city limits to get some delicious beignets. You can enjoy some of the best beignets around right in Kenner. From standard beignets to beignets with interesting twists, you can easily find some delicious treats close to home.

Café Du Monde

You can’t have a serious conversation about beignets without mentioning Café Du Monde. Café Du Monde is basically beignet headquarters, and you can visit it right in Kenner. These beignets are fried to perfection and have the right amount of sugar on them. You will melt into the sugary goodness when you eat a beignet from Café Du Monde. Be sure to get one of the restaurant’s famous coffees to wash the sugar down when you finish your snack.

Dots Diner

Let’s be honest. Diners know how to make some delicious fried foods, and beignets are no exception. Dots Diner makes some fabulous beignet sticks. Sink your teeth into these deep-fried sticks, which you can eat just like fries. They are light and flavorful, so you are certain to love them.

Copeland’s of New Orleans

Copeland’s of New Orleans Kenner location is known for a lot of things, including the beignets. These aren’t your standard beignets. Instead, they are stuffed with crab. The cooks take the crab cake mix and dip it into the batter. They fry it lightly, add some remoulade dressing, and serve it up. If you want something a little extra with your beignets, these are definitely worth trying. As long as you’re there, you might as well get a New Orleans-inspired entrée as well, such as crawfish fettuccine.

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