Best Places to Take Graduation Photos

Graduation photos

Graduation time is here! So to commemorate the occasion, you have to take graduation photos. Here are some great places around the city to take pictures.

City Park

City Park has a lot to offer when it comes to scenery. There are all kinds of great places to take photographs around the park. There is plenty of green space for photos and beautiful trees all around. The Besthoff Sculpture Garden is a popular place within the park to take photos. The Botanical Garden is another great place to take photos, especially this time of the year. City Park is a great place for your photos.

French Quarter

The vibrant colors of the French Quarter make it an excellent place to take photos. It’s best to get there in the early morning hours to take photos, as the French Quarter gets very busy during the day. The scenery and architecture make the French Quarter a great place to take graduation photos.

Audubon Park

At Audubon Park there is a ton of beautiful scenery to choose from. A local favorite is the lagoon area where there are a lot of beautiful oak trees. The lagoon is located to the right of the Audubon Golf Clubhouse. There are also lots of ducks around the lagoon. This is am excellent choice of places to take graduation photos. The light and scenery are perfect.

Kenner Rivertown Heritage Park

If you love the look of vintage photographs then Kenner Rivertown Heritage Park is the place for you. Kenner Heritage Park houses a mini village that is set up for photography purposes. Here you can take photos in a mini chapel, an old timey general store, a retro gas station, or a stable. There are many opportunities for unique photos at Kenner Heritage Park.

These are all great places to take photographs of your graduate. Need a gift for your graduate? Then come see us at Ray Brandt Toyota. We have a huge selection of Toyota vehicles that would make excellent graduation gifts!