Easy DIY Summer Tie Dye

Easy DIY Summer Tie Dye

Another summer afternoon, another DIY project! Make sure to check out these DIY Tie Dye ideas for an awesome interactive activity, or for a party! Tie Dye is super fun for all ages and takes very little preparation. Best of all, it is a cheap way to keep the kiddos entertained for a few hours! Read below for more details on how to make the best summer Tie Dye ever!

How to Create your Tie Dye

  • Find an old white or light colored t-shirt (or whatever you want to tie dye) that you no longer need! Have the kids wear an apron, smock or large t-shirt over their clothes so they do not get dye on their clothes- it stains! If you’re working on a wood surface, cover it with plastic sheeting, some newspaper, or an old sheet!
  • Mix the fabric dye by following the package instructions in 4-gallon enamel or stainless-steel container. You can use a plastic tub as well, but it will most likely get stained. You can find the dye at your local craft store, grocery store, or convenience store. Add a cup of salt to the dye bath to make the colors pop even brighter. Then tie rubber bands tightly around whatever you are tie dying. 
  • Soak the T-shirt in hot water, make sure to wring out all the excess water, and then soak in a dye bath. Stir frequently with a long handled stainless-steel object. Dying usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Depending on how deep a color you want, leave your shirt in for longer! If you’re using two or more colors, it works best to dip and hold each section in dye separately.
  • When you feel like your tie-dye is ready, remove it from the dye bath and rinse it under warm water. When the water turns clear, began using cooler water gradually. Make sure to wear rubber gloves if you do not want the dye to stain your hands! Wash your tie dye ALONE in warm water, and then let air dry. 

Find your Perfect Design

Click here to see tons of different designs to choose from. Find your perfect fit – Remember that everyone’s tie-dye turns out differently, and there is no such thing as perfect!

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