What to Get Your Husband on Father’s Day That Will Leave Him Speechless!

wife and husband holding paper man chain of family

Father’s Day is almost here, and families in Kenner, Louisiana will be celebrating the man of the house. Though each family celebrates differently on Father’s Day, some families may decide to go out to a restaurant and eat, while other will have a barbecue cookout, wives will be searching for just the right gift to get their husband on Fathers’ Day. To help wives on their search for the perfect Father’s Day gift we have compiled a list of five items.

Waxed Canvas Bag

Sold by Leigh Ann Hilbert on Etsy for $48 the Dark Brown Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag is perhaps the manliest lunch bag that we have seen. This waxed cotton canvas bag is not only beautiful and many it is also very easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp towel and its ready for another use.

Shave Bundle

Sold by Imperial Baber Products for $36 the Shave Bundle is perfect for men who don’t use an electric razor. This bundle comes with pre-shave oil, glycerin face soap, and Bergamot scented after shave.

MUT EOD Leatherman Multitask Tool

Sold by Leatherman at $169.95 the MUT ® EOD multitask tool is more expensive but is the perfect Father’s Day present if your husband is handy around the house.

Horween Leather Weekender

Made by Timex and currently sold at Huckbeery for $88 dollars the Horween Leather weekender is both casual and elegant and will be a great Father’s Day gift for a watch enthusiast.

Percey Sunglasses

The stylishly elegant Percey Sunglasses are the perfect gift for a man who spends a lot of time outdoors. Available in three colors for the frame the Percey gives you several options to choose from. These high-quality sunglasses are fashionable and they provide 100% UV protection and at $95 at Warby Parker, they are very affordable.

Any of these items can be the perfect Father’s Day gift for your husband. Indulge in the perfect gift for your husband and celebrate Father’s Day in style. If these ideas aren’t enough to make sure you check out Ray Brandt Toyota to get your hubby a gift that will literally leave him speechless!