Visit Kenner’s Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema this Summer!

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Your kids are in for an out of this world experience once they visit Kenner’s Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema! A trip here is the perfect activity for the family, whether the sun is shining or during a rainy day. Read about the exciting shows that will run this Summer!

Kenner’s Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema

The Planetarium and MegaDome Cinema is located right here in Kenner, LA, so you don’t have to drive far to experience all of this fun. Admission for the cinema is $6 per show for adults and $5 per show for children and seniors. Schools, camps, and groups must call (504)-468-7231 to make reservations to a show. However, the shows will be running on Saturdays for the general public when the box office opens at 10:45 am. Multi-show packages are also available if you are a true lover of the cinema!

Upcoming Shows

Many of the films shown at the cinema are very educational. Parents will love it when their kids are learning while having a good time!

  • One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure teaches the audience that even though we may be from different countries, we still share the same sky. The film will be showing at 11:00 am with a running time of 27 minutes.
  • Flying Monsters will be playing next at 12 pm with a running time of 40 minutes. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, this is the film for them!
  • On deck, Laser Spirit will play at 1:00 pm with a run time of 40 minutes as well. This show will definitely have you leaving feeling very patriotic!
  • Dream to Fly will air at 2:00 pm lasting for 35 minutes. This film will definitely spark your child’s imagination taking them from the ground to the stars.
  • Lastly, Magic Tree House: Space Mission will play at 3 pm. The film is 30 minutes long and is about the book series, Magic Tree House traveling through space!

Click here for more detailed summaries of each show.

Experience the Cinema!

This is the perfect opportunity for the family to bond! The cinema welcomes all ages and is a great way to keep the children entertained. After you see what the cinema has to offer, make sure to visit Ray Brandt Toyota for all of your vehicle needs!