Toyota Helps Make Car Connectivity a Reality

Toyota Connectivity LouisianaEnjoy the latest technological innovations when driving your Toyota around Louisiana. Toyota has always been one of the technology leaders, and the automaker has been working hard to ensure that this fact remains the case. To help with that, the 2017 model year will feature a range of updates to the safety features and in-car connectivity.

Connected Car Innovations

Toyota revealed their innovations concerning car connectivity much earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, but word about many of the features still hasn’t gotten out. Most of these connectivity advances revolve around the Data Communications Module, DCM, developed by Toyota. This model lets Toyotas transmit data for things like emergency notifications. Toyota plans to build a Toyota Big Data Center where employees will analyze the data of the DCM and figure out when emergency services need to be deployed. The whole system should be global by 2019. Security won’t be an issue thanks to Toyota’s work with UIEvolution Inc. that will ensure all transmissions are secure, particularly those between your smartphone and Toyota vehicle.


In addition to the safety and connectivity enhancements associated with the DCM, Toyota is working on a partnership with Livio and Ford to create a version of Livio’s SmartDeviceLink system, SDL, that can work on models created by all automakers. The goal is to create a system that is safer to use and works in every vehicle so drivers can benefit from the brains behind all of the automakers’ research and development departments.

Toyota Hotspot

While the above car connectivity updates are still in the works and expanding, you can already enjoy one of the latest Toyota connectivity features, Toyota Hotspot. This system relies on a Wi-Fi router installed in the car’s center console or glove box. Whenever you start your car, the system turns on and lets you connect five devices. It lets you use your car as a mobile office, keep your passengers entertained, or have a picnic where you stay connected.

Learn more about the latest technology available in Toyota models at Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner, Louisiana. Our team can go over the current tech features along with the various options and plans for the future.