Who Should Opt for the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro?

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

A truck is more than a vehicle. For a devoted truck driver, it is part of your identity. That is why you should pick the truck that best fits your personality. If you value rugged off-road performance, intuitive controls, and secure storage, then the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is right for you. It will allow you to do all of the things you love and give you everything it has out on the road.

Nimble Performance in All Conditions

Large trucks have a lot of bulk, and that can inhibit performance. That isn’t the case with the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, though. This double cab truck is incredibly nimble and easy to drive. The steering and braking are both responsive, regardless of the conditions. Between the cat-back stainless steel exhaust system and complex ABS system, you can take it out in any condition – from snow to rough terrain. You can also benefit from the Crawl Control system when you need to tackle some challenging terrain.

Intuitive Controls that Make a Truck a Truck

Do you remember back when trucks were trucks? You can relive that feeling by taking a seat behind the wheel of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. Sure, it has all of the modern conveniences everyone wants, including blind-spot sensors, Bluetooth, and a backup camera, but the interior still feels like it belongs in a truck. These gadgets and extras don’t take over on the inside of the truck. Instead, the dashboard is clean, making it easy to focus on the drive. Then, when you need the controls, they are right there for you.

Secure Storage for Any Situation

The days of letting your junk bounce around in a truck are long gone. Now, you can keep your items secure and clean during your off-roading adventures. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro has a locking tailgate handle, and you can add a hard tri-fold tonneau cover for good measure. It doesn’t stop there, though. It also has an in-bed storage compartment that you can use for those items that you need to keep away from mud and debris.

If you’re a good match for the Toyota Tacoma, head over to Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner, LA and go for a test drive. Just don’t be surprised if you fall in love with this truck.