Why the Toyota Tundra Has the Best Resale Value

Toyota Tundra LouisianaIf you buy the Toyota Tundra, you will be making a solid financial investment. The Tundra is great at hauling and towing or traveling off-road, and the cabin is comfortable and packed with features. Best of all, it also has an excellent resale value. In fact, it won the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Award in its category of full-size pickup.

Top Qualities of the Toyota Tundra

In explaining why they chose the Toyota Tundra for the Best Full-Size Pickup in terms of resale value, Kelley Blue Book pointed out that this is one of the toughest categories since drivers want everything from their pickups. To have a good resale value, a pickup needs to perform work well and do well with fun activities, such as traveling off-road or towing a boat. Kelley Blue Book looked for the same things a buyer would, great towing capacity, the ability to bring families around time, a comfortable ride, and reasonable fuel economy.

In addition to all this, the Tundra retains its impressive value over time. Kelley Blue Book estimates that by 36 months, the Tundra still has 64.1 percent of its value and this only drops to 53.8 percent at 60 months.

Other Great Reasons to Drive the Tundra

In addition to its resale value, the Tundra has fresh styling and an incredible range of configurations. You can pick from several trims, engines, cabin styles, truck bed lengths, and drivetrains. Although the Tundra has a starting price that is slightly higher than the competition, it also comes standard with more features and a larger V8 than competitors. Investing a little bit more will pay off with its great resale value.

When you choose the Toyota Tundra from Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner, Louisiana, you know you are making a savvy financial decision. You can enjoy the Tundra’s features for years until you are ready to upgrade, at which point you will have to deal with minimal depreciation.

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